Bloodgood - All Stand Together


If you're familiar with the sound of Bloodgood and have not heard this album, you're in for a surprise.  Their sound, style and lyrical content took a different turn on this one.  No, they didn't try to do the commercial mainstreem thing by any means.  They remained very Christian with their songs, but broadened their topics.  Being "real" (not sugar-coated), yet hopeful, is one thing that I've always been able to see in Bloodgood.  On this release they address everything from divorce ("Help Me"), to death ("Say Goodbye") to God's love ("Out of Love").  Even with all the changes, I find this to be one of my favorites from them.  There's more use of keyboards than what we're used to hearing from them and also more acoustic guitars from Paul Jackson, who I think is an awesome guitar player.  If you're a Bloodgood fan or not, this album is definetely worth adding to your collection.  With the diverse topics and change in sound, the title of the album becomes a little more clear as to what they were maybe getting at...All Stand Together.  Best songs:  "Kingdom Come," "Help Me," "Rounded Are The Rocks," and "I Want To Live In Your Heart".  (Review by Gary)