Bleedience - Bleedience EP


Well, this is a little change of pace for the extreme metal scene.  Despite having a hard time settling in, I'm really starting to dig this band.  The opener "Kristtorn I" is a very intense black metal-ish song that is very rudely interrupted by a break that reminds me of the Deuteronomium song "Human Nature".  I actually hated this "break" at first, but it's kinda catchy.  However, it's short lived before the shrieking and blasting coming raging back.  They use keyboards here, but nothing too "circus-like".  As soon as "Kristtorn I" stops, "Kristtorn II" immediately starts up, almost like it's the same song.  This cut is just as brutal as the first and right now I'm thinking, "these guys rock"! 
The song "Nocturne" give us a little bit of a mellower side to the band with some soothing female vocals laid over the shredding music.  "Prejudice - A Gun to Your Head" closes out the album.  It start with some clean male vocals, but mixes in some brutal, and I mean BRUTAL black vocals inbetween clean passages.  Near the 3 minute mark they start some soft strumming on guitar that started to make me doze.  Then, they start doing this really demented playing that made me think my CD player was wiggin' out.  They end it with some "galloping" drumming with distortion "spits".  Interesting to say the least.  Overall, the band is fairly creative musically, and they're not afraid to mix in a little variety.  Vocally, I really love the black vocals, which contrast well with the clean male and female vocals.  The band can lull you a little with the mellow parts, but as a whole this is a solid debut from a band that has great potential.  You should be able to pick this one up at