Believe - Seven Miles Deep



Well, here's an interesting band.  Believe hails from Tennessee and plays a style that is similar to metalcore, but with some slight hard rock and classic metal influences.  The band really isn't my cup of tea, but they have grown on me a little bit with numerous listens.  They do showcase some good potential, but one that still has some work to do.  The band has actually got some good exposure playing with bands like Disciple, so maybe with that push they will start to make waves in the future.  They do have a nice, heavy sound and should appeal to fans of Disciple and maybe some of the hardcore and rapcore bands in the scene.  They don't really showcase a rap side, but the feeling in the music is there when you compare it to some of the current rapcore bands.  One thing I do like about this band is the guitar tone they get.  They do a good job of mixing it up between higher tuned and lower tuned, with the lower being pretty brutal at times.  Now vocally, I'm not really all that impressed.  While the band has some pretty aggressive vocals, they sound kinda rough around the edges.  Imagine a mix of Eternal Decision and Saint.  Probably not a good comparison, but that's what I hear.
Lyrically, the band is extremely outspoken in their faith.  In fact, the opening line that the vocalist screams is..."I am a Christian...."  So, all those people out there that don't like vague lyrics, this one is right up your alley.  They do write some pretty good lyrics though, and while not overly creative, they do write some that are pretty convicting.  They also do a good job of supplying scripture references to support what they are singing about.
One thing that I didn't like about this album is the last song.  It's called "Seven Minutes Deep", and after about 30 seconds of silence to start the song, I realized that it was going to be 7 minutes before it started...and I was right.  However, what it is is some lady singing "Jesus Loves Me" twice through.  Now, don't get me wrong.  Nothing wrong with that little daughters love it.  However, headbangers out there will probably do nothing but skip this song everytime.  I just think it was something that could've been left out.
Ok, so do I like this band?  Well, not a whole lot.  They will appeal to some fans in the genre, but I'm not one of those fans really.  I can see this band become much more popular if they stick with it, cause they do have talent.  I'd just much rather listen to some good ol' extreme metal any day.  (Review by Matt)