Believer - Sanity Obscure (Re-issue)

Retroactive Records


Often I'll go back and grab a metal album from the past and just laugh my head off when I hear what I used to think was so cool.  There are some exceptions though, and Believer is one of those bands that will always be "in style" in my opinion.  Where many early Christian metal bands were mired in mediocrity, Believer executed some of the finest thrash metal known to man.  Sanity Obscure was the band's second album and it is considered one of the classics of yesteryear.  Highly technical thrash, with addicting, hypnotic riffs, and aggressive drumming that pounded relentlessly at your skull.  Angst-filled vocals that pierced the air, and insightful lyrics that rang of truth.  The band also wowed fans by doing something that was unusual at that time.  The song "Dies Irae" included operatic female vocals and violins mixed with the metal.  The band pursued this direction even further on their third and final album, Dimensions.  They even stepped out on a limb on Sanity... and covered U2's "Like a Song" to finish out the disc.  Add to all that a powerful, crystal-clear production and you had an album that was embraced by all thrash fans, regardless of beliefs.  The band was rewarded for their toil by garnering a spot on tour with Bolt Thrower and Sacrifice.
Now almost 15 years later, this hard to find gem is being re-released by Retroactive Records.  The label has also included a demo version of the instrumental song "IYF" as a bonus track.  Once again, the masses will have another chance to hear this incredible band that influenced many others to push the envelope of quality and create brutal metal that begs to be heard and refuses to go out of style.  (Review by Matt)