Belica - For All


This is the first full length that Belica has released since changing their name from Vollig Heilig a couple years ago.  I think this album has slightly less of an edge than the last album, but overall it succeeds in being a better record overall.

Musically, Belica is power metal similar in the vein to a band like Stauros with some 70's influences and hard rock thrown in for good measure.  This is a great headbanging album despite a few mellow moments here and there.  The band is also not afraid to jam.  The guitarists and drummer just go off sometimes.  Made me wanna break out my air guitar and air drums.  This band is pretty tight.

Their vocalist, D'Tarso, sounds very similar to John Berry (ex-Jacob's Dream).  This is not a bad thing though.  Actually, he doesn't quite get as high as Berry did, as D'Tarso has more of an attitude in his vocals that seems to keep things more down to earth instead of in the stratosphere.  He seems to really sing with a lot of passion.  Like he believes what he's singing about.  The song "Fight Girl" even sounds somewhat comparable to what you'd hear from mid-90's Bride with even some Dale Thompson swagger in the vocals.   

Lyrically, the band is pretty bold for Christ, and in the production department the band does an excellent job.  This album has a really good sound.  The band photos don't really look like a band that rocks this hard, but don't let the looks deceive you cause this band is not timid. 

When I first got this album I wasn't sure if I really liked it at all.  I actually put it up for almost a month and then brought it back out, and it has latched onto my ears much better this second time around.  Not bad at all.  (Review by Matt)