Barrencross - Hotter Than Hell Live


Until recently there really weren't many "live" Christian metal recordings that you could buy.  Back in 1990, Barren Cross released a good live album from their Atomic Arena Tour.  Twelve songs from their first two albums and 2 additional songs, an instrumental called "Opus To The Third Heaven" and another called "King Jesus & Blues Jam".  This live album actually sounds good, quality wise and the fact that the songs sound close to what the studio songs sound like, but very raw.  Although Mike Lee has a great voice, he doesn't hit quite as high of notes as he does on their albums, some of the vocals and background vocals are a little out of tune, which actually make the songs sound a little more agressive.  There's a lot of talking in between the songs and it's quite long, the CD is 73 minutes and 30 seconds.  Best songs: "Imaginary Music," "Rock For The King," "Light The Flame" and "Opus To The Third Heaven."  (Review by Gary)