Barrencross - Atomic Arena


This is Barren Cross' second album.  Very issue oriented.  It's a cross between somewhat hair-band metal and edgy heavy metal, but more on the heavy side.  Their albums are quite hard to find since none of them have been released in the last 12 years; "Rock For The King" was re-released in 1990 on the Medusa lable.  This album featured the song "Imaginary Music" and even has a professionally done video for the song that, as I recall, was featured on MTV.  I actually caught the video a few years ago playing on MTV2.  Surprisingly enough, you can see the video online by going to  Lots of good music and vocals on this album, but with the topics they sing about, I don't find it to be quite as easy to listen to as their other albums. I've given it a higher rating because this album was very well produced, has great music and the fact that they took a chance addressing tough issues on it. Best Songs: "Imaginary Music," "Closer To The Edge," and "King of Kings."  (Review by Gary)