Apologetix - Biblical Graffiti


Well, this is a little bit different.  Apologetix, for those who don't know know is a Christian parody band.  Think Weird Al Yankovic.  They take popular secular songs from classic rock to modern and change the words to apply a biblical message to every song.  Some people will think this kinda stuff is really cheesy.  And to some extent I think it is too.  But if you have any open mind and listen through a few times you realize that it's just four guys having a little fun.  Yes, they have the biblical message which is serious, but they are provide a lot of humor.  There are many funny moments on this album.  Examples of this would be on the song "Smart Blest Man" a take-off of "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top.  At the end one of guys starts laughing and talks about how hard it was to sing that with "all this beer in my mouth".   I was busting up laughing!  "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles is here called "Twins Came Out" which talks about Jacob and Esau's birth.  Then their is "Dancing Dave" which is a take-off of Led Zepplin's "Dancing Days".  This song chronicles Kind David's dancing naked episode and his wife's objection too it.  The best song here is definitely the last one "Enter Samson".  This song is a take off of Metallica's "Enter Sandman".  It's the heaviest song on the album and they do quite a good job.  The production is not half as powerful as Metallica's was but it still sounds good.  Other songs include take-offs on the Rolling Stones, Credence Clearwater Revival, Mercy Playground, The Police, Elvis Presley, Queen and Pink Floyd among others.  The only song I just can't stand is one by Garth Brooks.  I can stomach most music, but country just grates on my nerves.

Musically the band is pretty good.  They come pretty close to the music on most of the songs with most of the differences coming on instrument sounds and production.  They are actually pretty talented players.  Although it remains to be seen if they can actually write their own stuff.  Weird Al's drummer Jon Bermuda Schwartz actually plays on a few cuts here.  Lyrically, they are clever, bold, and pretty darn funny at times.  This is not for the average brutal music fan seeing that the Metallica song is the only one even close to heavy, but it is a fun album that I don't mind listening to every now and then.  It brings back memories of hearing a lot of these songs back in the day.  With 22 songs and 73 minutes you definitely get lots of music for your buck.  (Review by Matt)