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Antestor Interview - Added 11/14/01

The Whipping Post - So what is the current lineup of Antestor? 

Morten - Actually today we will have a meeting discussing the future of Antestor. We already got a complete band but are still missing a drummer. You probably know that our last quit. 

WP - According to Paal in Vaakevandring, Antestor is kinda "underground" right now. Is this a permanent position, or will you guys eventually try to do more things with the band? 

M - I have heard that question from many, and I have also asked me that myself. But yes, we have had a standstill for a while now, but things are getting better each day now. I can say that we have new material going on, and we are certainly planning to record it in the near future. 

WP - Do you have any new material that is ready? And if so, should Antestor fans expect to hear it someday? What is any new material like? Is it in the same vein as the material on "The Return of the Black Death" or have you 
went off in a new direction? 

M - You could probaply say that we have "went on" musically. We have digged even deeper in our feelings and really found the "sound" that Antestor is known for. But still there are new songs, and by that I mean that we have found new sources as background in the music. Some are even 
deeper, more melodic and heavier than before. But some are much faster and aggressive, and there is much more synths on this one than before. 

WP - If you ever release an album again will you still be with Cacophonous? 

M - I do not know what the rumors have told you about Cacophonous, but to be honest they did not keep their promises. So I can say that we definitely will not have anything to do with them again. The good thing in all of this, was that many got to hear Antestor thru Cacophonous and thir selling of the CD. 

WP - Most everyone I've talked to really enjoyed "The Return of the Black Death". What kind of response has the band heard about that album and also on "Martyrium"? 

M - We have had very good response on both. I think that most people first think of Antestor as "The Return of the Black Death", and that is the album we have had most feedback on. 

WP - Any comments you'd like to make to Antestor fans out there? 

M - Yes. Thank you so much for waiting. May God bless all of you, and remember that you are the carriers of the Word of Christ. If God is willing, we will record a new full length album better than ever. We will praise God with it and tell people that there is only One. Remember...God is our strength.