Phoenix - Death of the Flesh, Birth of the Spirit


What the....????  ALERT!!!  Do not be deceived!  This is not metal!!  Phoenix is labeled as having metal and hardcore influences, but this is just a trap.  For fans of P.O.D. and Zao it says on their bio.  FAR from the truth.  P.O.D. fans MIGHT like some of this, but Zao fans would rather listen to real metal.  The first seven songs are nothing but a rap/techno mix.  Granted, this guy is a decent rapper, but geesh....!!!  There are only a couple of the 20 songs on this disc that even do a nod to metal or hardcore.  With song number eight, "Discriminate" being the only song that halfway held my attention.  My little six month old will sit on my lap while I'm on the computer and listen to metal or industrial and be happy and content.  I tried 3 or 4 different times to listen to this album and everytime she started screaming.  When I stopped the album, she stopped screaming.  When I started it back up, she started screaming again. 
There is no way anybody should waste their time wading through all this crap....I mean rap....I mean crap, just to get to one decent song.  Unless your a hip hop homie G and spell skills with a "z" at the end, I'd avoid this like the plague!  (Review by Matt)