Marathon of Death - by Marc Corliss

As this world spins 'round and 'round

Always on the verge of being out of control

Looking at all the people around me

My ears fill with a deafening death bell's toll


Seeing their blank empty faces

Rushing to the day they'll draw their last breath

Ignorantly racing toward that day of destruction

Blindly running a marathon of death


Shoving past everyone in their way

Frantically struggling for an unobtainable goal

Crashing headlong through all perceived barriers

They have not considered their hollow dead soul


Every man has a gaping hole in his heart

A dark emptiness he strives through life to fill

Clawing and grabbing for temporary things of this world

For these things he will lie, steal, and kill


Never fulfilling their quest for happiness

Their long, endless journey is hopelessly vain

The comfort and peace they so desperately sought

Instead is now feelings of sorrow and pain


Jesus stretches His hand out to them

As they rapidly race by without even a thought

Holding the keys to their eternal fulfillment

And the peace and rest that on the cross He bought


Paying dearly that price with His life

Selflessly dying so that they may forever live

Through acceptance of Him eternal peace they would receive

Bestowing the greatest gift any man could ever give


Persistantly trying to touch their cold, dead heart

Wanting to free them from their struggle day after day

Disappointment and death is their ultimate prize

If they continue to follow their self destructive way


Wanting them to cease the reckless race that they run

If only they would stop to listen and see

That their pursuit of self satisfaction is futile

That only through Jesus can they truly be free


In this world all of our lives are merely just a race

From the time of our birth to the day of our final breath

Jesus will lead you to peace, happiness and life

For without him you run a marathon of death


- Marc Corliss (2000) (