Life - by Dan Jesse

Life is chaos.
Utter confusion and depravity....
One tremendous paradox,
A juxtaposition of spirituality and rebellion
Constant feelings of angst and sorrow
Coupled with extreme joy and hope
We are caught in the waves,
Being battered to and fro,
Crushed by the raging waves
Caused by our recklessness
Our thoughts wage war against each other
Yet no side wins or loses.
The ultimate stalemate
We feel guilty.
How can we live in sin?
(And pleasure in it?)
And live in righteousness?
(And then rebel?)
Our heart starts to fight against
Whom we were meant to be
And The Chaos continues.
A never-ending struggle between God
And our fleshly desires
Tearing us apart inside out.
A downward spiral
Out of our control
But in the hands of The Great Comforter
It comes to rest
Only God can bring peace
Yet, We reject it.
We dwell in darkness
Dissenting against the Light.
Our flesh loves bedlam and revulsion
And yearns for peace and love
How can we live in two worlds?
In this amazing duality
We exist