Amos - Gothic Soul


After selling out of their first pressing of "Gothic Soul", Amos has re-issued a re-mastered version of this great album with three bonus tracks and new artwork.  The album is distributed through Fear Dark Records, but unfortunately they have also sold out.  The album is still availalbe through many outlets like  This Brazilian band plays progressive, doomy gothic metal with plenty of melody and emotion.  Amos has been together for around eight years and it shows, as musically they are a pretty tight unit.  The guitar work of Helder Domingues and Evandro Vaz impresses me the most, especially the very well placed solos.  Rodrigo Shimabukuro also pulls off an impressive vocal performance, often reminding me of Robert Baum of Undish.  Occasionally, his vocals sound a little shakey, but for the most part I like what I hear...that depressing, haunting gothic sound.


Lyrically, the band keeps it simple yet powerful, staying clear of common cliché pitfalls.  The standout cuts here are "Flower of Blood" and "Master" - two of the faster tracks.  The bonus tracks, "Master", "Eternal Love", and "The Son of God", are off of their 1997 demo "Comfort in Trouble".  However, the songs have been re-recorded after all the other newer songs and sound just as good as all the other tunes.  One fault though is that sometimes, like in the song "Evil's Root", the band seems to be unsure of the direction they want to head in; occasionally taking a sharp 90 degree turn in mid-song.  Thankfully though, this is a very small and rare problem on the album.


Overall though, Amos has created a very enjoyable record that I have yet to tire of listening to.  (Review by Matt)