Burning Soul - by Marc Corliss

There is a place, you may not think exists

Where torture meets pain and eternal suffering persists

Where time has no meaning, no beginning, no end

Where a fire that burns forever awaits you my friend


A blaze that will engulf you, yet your body will never die

Always burning yet never consuming, a horror for which youll cry

Screaming and wailing, writhing and flailing, mercies will be no more

'Cause you rejected the one, God's holy Son, Jesus Christ the Lord


He stretched out His hand to you to save you from this fate

But you rejected His everlasting love with callousness and hate

Hell is now your eternal home, your life's choices have taken their toll

Trapped in a fiery inferno, forevermore a burning soul


You were given so many chances, to choose life instead of death

But you reaped what you sowed, you reaped Hell at your last breath

There's no escaping from it now, your eternal decision is locked in

Hell is your reward, for without Christ you're dead in your sin


- Marc Corliss (1999) (marc@bloodboughtrecords.com)