Anaemia - The Second Incarnation


This is an interesting band.  They mix several well-known styles, but they don't really sound like anyone else out there (that I've heard).  Anaemia mixes a little death metal, a little thrash, a little doom, and some folk influences to create a creative and very enjoyable album.  The vocals are very similar to Mortification's current style, but much better than Steve Rowe's.  They definitely don't sound like a copy.  They mix it up some and even throw in the occasional death growl, like in the song "As Darkness Falls." Another good thing about this album are the many quality guitar solos.  You don't hear very many solos these days, but Anaemia gives you plenty, like the great ones in the songs "The Second Incarnation" and "By Nothingness Embraced."  The lyrics on this album are definitely worth checking out.  Very well done and very Christ-centered.  The packaging is also extremely well done.  The CD comes in a fancy digipak with great artwork that perfectly sets the mood for the music that is inside.  My biggest complaint is that sometimes the album seems to lose my interest.  It's not that the songs all sound the same, but they sound better by themselves.  For example, I might love one song by itself, but sandwiched inbetween two other songs, it just loses something.  Kinda hard to explain really.  Other than that, there's not much to complain about with this release. Endtime Productions has picked up a great band here.  You'd do well to give this band a try.  (Review by Matt)